Another Megaupload Programmer Arrested

Another Megaupload programmer has been detained overseas at the behest of the American government. An Estonian programmer was arrested by Dutch authorities investigating the file-sharing site and will be held for 60 days awaiting an American extradition request. The fight between government authorities seeking to protect copyrighted materials on one hand and file-sharing activists on the other appears to be just beginning. On a slightly related note, the government of Sweden recently recognized a religion based upon file-sharing, Kopimism.


One Year Later the Egyptian Revolution is Not Over

As the newly elected Egyptian parliament meets for the first time this week protesters and demonstrators are again flocking to Tahrir Square. Although the recent elections may have been the the fairest in recent memory the Egyptian army does not appear ready to give up the control they have exercised over the country since a 1952 military coup ousted King Farouk.

Sao Paulo “Battlefield”

As Brazilian authorities continue clearing a 10 year-old community in the state of Sao Paulo, Amnesty International alleges “a raft of international standards” have been violated. Although providing good birds-eye views from some of the politicans and judicial officials involved, there is little information regarding events on the street.

“A Signal Event in Fourth Amendment History”

Supreme Court rules GPS tracking violated a suspect’s 4th Amendment rights to protection from unreasonable searches. This is a great, bipartisan decision that hopefully will increase protection from government surveillance as technology becomes more sophisticated and societal notions of privacy seem to be diminishing.

Mystery Investigation Puts Entire Minnesota Prison System on Lockdown

For over 24 hours this week the entire Minnesota prison system was on lockdown. That means prisoners stay in their cells and no visitors or phone-calls. Not a lot of details have been revealed yet but hopefully there will be more to come.

Keystone Pipeline – Always smooth?

Interesting article regarding the Obama Administration’s recent rejection of the proposed Keystone pipeline. I would have liked to see more discussion on whether the Texan oil refineries, which are geared for processing Venezuelan heavy crude oil, will be able to easily process the oil coming from Canadian oil sands. Also there was very little information regarding specific environmental concerns with a lot of word space given to comments from Republican primary candidates and proponents of the project.

Mr. Wilf Goes to St. Paul

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf arrived in town today to being discussions regarding the proposed new stadium. Stub article without a lot of new information. As usual the comments section provides more facts and insight than the article itself.